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Breastfeeding Mother Support E-Newsletter (English V15N2)

*Generational WISDOM: Grandmothers and Breastfeeding*

*“The warmth of her body on mine and the look on her face while feeding,
it’s priceless… it makes the world stop for a while every time.”  *

*Tammy Photography Walks of Motherhood Project (2015)*

It is a common and traditional practice for a new mother to turn
to her mother for help, support, and advice as she assumes this new role of
caring for a newborn. Not only is this the case for general infant care
how-to advice, but it is also common for the new mother to look to her
mother for help and support for breastfeeding. For many families around the
world, this works well—the grandmother was once a breastfeeding mother
herself and brings that “I did it and I know you can, too!” attitude with
her. For many other mothers, their mothers did not breastfeed their babies
and missed on that kind of personal experience to draw upon to help the
next generation. Regardless of whether a grandmother has personal
experience with breastfeeding, her support for the new mother is still
invaluable, and can come in many forms, from caring for the new mother so
she can care for the baby, to linking the new mother to
breastfeeding-knowledgeable resources, to just being there with a listening
ear and welcoming arms. This issue of the Breastfeeding Mother Support
E-Newsletter, Vol 15, No 2 celebrates the role of the grandmother in
breastfeeding success. Read the stories of the roles grandmothers have
played in the lives of mothers around the world. If you are lucky enough to
have had the loving support of your grandmother in your breastfeeding
journey, give her a hug and thank her. And if you are now a grandmother, be
your grandbaby’s number one cheerleader, and find ways to provide loving
support for his or her breastfeeding parent. It is a legacy worth pursuing!


* Editors’ Letter*

   - Natalia Smith and Melissa Vickers

*Generational WISDOM: Grandmothers and Breastfeeding Advisors SPOTLIGHT*

   - Inherited Treasure: Mexican Grandmothers Share their Passion with
   Breastfeeding, La Leche League ReGoodies (Mexico)
   - Secrets of Breastfeeding from Global Moms in the Know, Michaeleen
   Doucleff (USA)

*Mother’s Voices: The essence of breastfeeding support*

   - Yellow Milk, Janssen (Netherlands/ Cambodia)
   - Two Children, Two Breastfeeding Stories, Laura Gettler (USA)
   -  On Breastfeeding Overseas, Suzi Livingstone (Canada/ Cambodia)
   - What Does Breastfeeding Mean to You?, Tammy Nicole
   Photography (Germany)

*Best Practices: Mother support from around the globe*

   - Supporting Breastfeeding When I Became Doula, Viana Maza (Guatemala)
   - Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers (BSIM), Adhunika Prakash and
   Madhu Panda (India)
   - The Power of Lactation Massage for Grandmas to Breastfeed, Innes
   Avellana-Fernandez (Philippines)
   - Breastfeeding: The First Food Security, Bindi Borg (Australia/

*Family Matters: A mother’s primary support network*

   - On Becoming a Grandma, Melissa Clark Vickers (USA)
   - A Grandmother’s Angst, Anonymous (USA)

*Changemakers: Dreamers, doers and innovators normalizing breastfeeding*

   - “Look as Powerful and Confident as Breastfeeding Makes you Feel”:
   Interview with founder of Leche Libre (USA)
   - It Takes a Village, Carolina for Kibera (Kenya)

*Children’s Corner*

   - BOOK RECOMMENDATION— Loving Comfort: A Toddler Weaning Story

*Honoring Breastfeeding Advocates*

   - The Commitment and Passion of two Inspirational Women (Paraguay/ USA)

*Stay Current: Research, happenings, and breastfeeding in the news*


   1. The influence of grandmothers on breastfeeding rates: A systematic
     BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, April 2016
   2.  Engaging grandmothers to improve nutrition: A training manual for
   dialogue group mentors
     IYCN, June 2011
   3. Involving grandmothers to promote child nutrition, health and
   development.  A guide for programme planners and managers
     World Vision, 2014
   4. Role of social support in improving infant feeding practices in
   Western Kenya: A quasi-experimental study
   <>  Global Health:
   Science and Practice, March 2016


   1.  Breastfeeding 2018: The Art and Science of Lactation
    March 9, 2018 in Newton, KS, USA
   2. GOLD Lactation Online Conference <> April
   3 - June 4, 2018
   3. Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference
   <>  March 21 - 23,
   2018 in Chapel Hill, NC, USA
   4. 10th ELACTA Conference Breastfeeding Without Borders
   <>  May 17 - 19, 2018 in
   Rotterdam, The Netherlands

*Breastfeeding in the News*

   1.  Pictures of Victorian women breastfeeding

   2. Senator becomes first to breastfeed on floor of Australia’s Parliament

   3. “Don’t be afraid to breastfeed here”

   4. The unique way Canada is normalizing breastfeeding

   5. Meet the woman behind the breastfeeding emoji

   6. Working to close the breastfeeding gap

*We Welcome your Submissions*

The Breastfeeding Mother Support E-Newsletter is published twice a year by
the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) to promote an
environment of awareness and support for all mothers to initiate and
sustain breastfeeding.  It includes stories, new information relevant to
the promotion and support of breastfeeding, and highlights efforts across
the world by organizations, health workers, businesses, communities, etc.
in supporting the breastfeeding mother.  The newsletter helps all of us who
work in breastfeeding to feel supported and appreciated in what we do and
to improve how we help mothers, fathers, families and communities in

We welcome your suggestions or submissions which may be any actions taken,
specific work done, investigations and projects carried out from different
perspectives and from different parts of the world that have provided
support to women in their role as breastfeeding mothers.  Submissions
should be between 250 and 800 words, and should include a title and a short
biography of the corresponding author (2 to 3 sentences).  Please be
specific in including details where relevant such as name of places,
persons, and exact dates.  Photos illustrating a subject specific to your
submission also are welcome. Please send to gims_gifs at

We reserve the right to edit every submission for spelling, grammar and
clarity of content.

Please share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. To
subscribe, please email gims_gifs at

The opinions and information expressed in the articles of this issue do not
necessarily reflect the views and policies of WABA, the Mother Support
Working Group nor the Newsletter Editors.

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