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Hello Claudio

I am writing this mail to forward the call for watchers to attend the World
Health Assembly in May 2018. Could you please forward it on the PHM
exchange mailing list.

Thank you

*Call for Watchers to participate in the 71st World Health Assembly meeting
in May 2018*

PHM is preparing for watching the 71st World Health Assembly (WHA-71) of
W.H.O taking place from 21st to 26th May 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. The
World Health Assembly takes place once a year. The items on the WHA71
agenda will probably include Health emergencies, Implementation of
International Health Regulations (2005), Pandemic Influenza Preparedness
Framework, Eradication of polio & Polio Transition planning, Global vaccine
action plan, NCDs: UN General Assembly 2018, Addressing Global shortage of,
and access to, medicines and vaccines, Public health, innovation and
intellectual property, Progress towards sustainable development goals,
Safeguarding against possible conflicts of interests in nutrition
programmes, Improving access to assistive technology and Health,
environment and climate change

*Can you attend the WHA71 Meeting?*

Through Medicus Mundi International, watchers are able to attend the
meeting, distribute PHM’s commentary, advocate our position to country
delegates, and deliver statements from the floor to the meeting body. We
are looking for PHM activists to join as watchers in Geneva. If you are
keen in developing your knowledge on issues discussed at the meeting, and
to be involved in strengthening these issues in your country or region
after the meeting, please let us know. As the work is intense, being able
to work under some pressure and still provide support to your co-watchers
will be a great advantage. It is also important for the process if watchers
are there for the full period of the meetings, including a preparatory
workshop the week before the World Health Assembly. This means arrive on
Monday 14th May and depart on Sunday 27th May.

If you are interested in the politics of global health governance and
understanding the role that people's movements can play in UN processes,
the preparatory workshop can be of interest for you. The Preparatory
Workshop will be held between the 15th to 19th May and can be attended as a
stand alone training workshop too.

If you are interested in possibly participating in WHA71 Watch please fill
in the form available *here <>*.
Please complete the form by 3rd March 2018. If you are able to attend only
the Workshop indicate this in the form. (  ( please do note that a small
number of watchers ( 1 or 2) will be representing each region/circle due to
the team being small ( 10-12) )
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