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Training materials for Health Committees – building community participation
in health systems

Health Committees or Health Centre Committees  are potentially critical
 vehicles for community voice in health systems. They play not only a
service and mobilisation role, but can be effective tools to improve the
responsiveness and accountability of services – and thus have an important
governance role to play.

UCT’s Health and Human Rights programme in the School of Public Health and
Family Medicine has been working with Zimbabwean and Zambian partners in
EQUINET, on a project under the leadership of the Community Working Group
on Health (CWGH) to strengthen Health Centre Committees (HCC’s) as vehicles
for social participation in health systems in East and Southern Africa

This project emerged from the recommendations resulting from previous
discussions facilitated under EQUINET and the Learning Network, which
identified the importance of strengthening community voice and Health
Committee capacity in the region.

It aims to develop a network of practitioners working with HCCs to
document, share and make their work more visible; advocate for policy and
legal recognition of HCCs, identify and strengthen the diverse range of
capacity needs of the committees, communities and the health system,
exchange information materials and case studies, and build capacity for
tracking, monitoring and evaluation.

UCT undertook to lead the programme reviewing and assembling capacity
building materials for Health Committee training. A report, and some of the
materials used across the region can be viewed at

Feel free to let us know if you have materials you would like to add to the
inventory – all materials on the site are free to download for use – just
acknowledge the original sources, even if you amend the materials to suit
your local context.

Any queries, contact Leslie at at or Abegail at
abegail.schwartz at
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