PHM-Exch> The EU attempt at sabotaging the UN treaty process on TNCs and human rights

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This impinges on our work on the issue of TNCs and the right to health. As
you can read in an ad-hoc October workshop
<> report, one of the approved
proposals was “to create an e-group to facilitate the communication and
strengthen the ties of the interested organizations, and other civil
society, and social movement colleagues."
If you are interested in joining this group, please refer them to me.
We take the opportunity of this message to inform you that the negotiation
of the human rights instrument to regulate the activities of Transnational
Corporations and other businesses has entered a critical phase since the
October 2017 session of the open ended intergovernmental working group.
>From the very first moments of the session the EU demonstrated the
intention to block the process. However, the massive presence of victims of
Corporate abuses and crimes against human rights, from all over the world,
made it very difficult for the EU to justify its attitude. In a last minute
maneuver, the EU , with the support of the USA, managed to withdraw the
fourth session from the work plan approved by the working group.

To top it off, the EU, in a sneaky move, included a paragraph in the
resolution that approves the allocation of funds for different ongoing UN
processes, proposing the blocking the funding for the continuation of the
treaty process negotiation. Apparently the EU is isolated in this
initiative, but civil society is alerting all allies to join in an effort
to neutralize this attempt by the EU, and to prevent similar future
initiatives. The official positions of the Global Campaign and of the
Treaty Alliance, the two broad coalitions organized to bring corporate
impunity to an end can be found in the links below, with the invite to join
their call.

*Attempt at Sabotage in New York: the European Union aims to Eliminate the
Financing of the United Nations Intergovernmental Working Group Entrusted
with Drafting a Legally Binding Treaty on TNCs and Human Rights*


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