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Mon Dec 18 06:29:50 PST 2017

From: Amit Sengupta <asengupta at>

This is further to my earlier mail announcing the publication of Global
Health Watch.

As for earlier editions of GHW, we would like to strongly encourage country
circles to organize launches of the book. The launches can be occasions for
not just promotion of the book but also opportunities to debate several
issues related to health and healthcare. While we cannot directly fund
launches we can provide the following support:

1) For a country launch we can ship 20-30 copies (depending on your need)
of the book o the launch venue. These books are prepaid for by PHM and are
for free distribution. However you can set a contributory price and recover
the cost of the launch (at least partially). We have books available at
Cape Town, Delhi, Brussels and Galveston (US). Let us know when you would
like to organise a launch in a particular city and we can arrange to ship
the books from the nearest location where the books are available for
distribution (you will need to pay for the shipping costs).

2) We will provide a power point presentation that you can use or modify
based on your needs

3) A flyer that will be available next week

4) A generic poster that will be available next week.

Do send this information out to country circles and let us know about your
plans to launch the book. Please allow at least 15 days for teh books to be
shipped if you are planning a launch.

Write to Gaegeya (gargeya.t at or Amit (
asengupta at regarding plans to launch GHW5.
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