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We are pleased to share a series two-page issue briefs for Resident
Coordinators (RC) and UN Country Teams on endemic and emerging human rights
issues that outline key messages about a given issue, the relevant
international standards, and the role that the RC and UNCT can play in
promoting the issue. They also direct colleagues to further support and
tools available from the UN system.

   - Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
   - Minorities (National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic)
   - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons
   - Indigenous Peoples
   - HIV-related human rights crises
   - Death Penalty
   - Expanding Civil Society Space
   <> ;
   - Human Rights and the Prevention of Violent Extremism
   <> ;
   - Statelessness
   <> ;
   - Human Rights and Urbanization
   <> ;
   - Zero Discrimination in Health Care
   <> ;
   - Human Rights and the Environment
   <> .

These issue briefs can also be found on the web-version of the UNDG
Guidance Note on Human Rights for RCs and UN Country Teams
They were significantly expanded upon by the work of UNDG Members and
partners through a series of Frontiers Dialogues* launched by the UNDG in
2016 that brought to the fore the value, challenges and action needed for
an integrated and human rights-based response to emerging development

We hope the newly formatted versions above will help in communicating and
promoting the UN’s position and the key contribution of the human rights
framework in addressing these emerging development challenges. If you would
like to follow-up or if you have any questions we welcome you to write to
the UN Human Rights Policy network (HuriTALK): Humanrights-talk at groups.undp.

** The “Frontier Dialogues” were designed and lead by members of the former
UNDG Human Rights Working group and included discussion on issues
identified by the HRWG member based on the following criteria: **the need
for new thinking in response to key challenges facing the international
community; the need to articulate and mobilize a strong and powerful
defence of human rights on emerging trends or challenges and current
national and international responses; the need to identify  new conduct in
order to ensure the protection of human rights and empowerment; and Human
Rights concerns where we are witnessing  a shocking silence. **The HRWG
Secretariat in DOCO played a key role in supporting lead agencies in
conceptualizing and implementing the Dialogues.*
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