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We are delighted to share news of these videos and supporting materials
which can be used for capacity-building around economic and social rights.
They have been produced as part of the ‘Making Economic and Social Rights
Real’ project, a collaboration between the University of Nottingham
and the Equality
and Human Rights Commission <> of
Great Britain. They are directed towards civil society, policymakers,
academics and others with a background in human rights and an interest in
learning more about economic and social rights.

The videos and supporting materials (including lists of open access
resources on ESR and video transcripts) are available here, while individual episodes can be
linked to from here

The videos and associated materials address the following topics:

   - Episode 1: Introduction
   - Episode 2: What Are Economic and Social Rights Obligations?
   - Episode 3: Progressive Realisation
   - Episode 4: Maximum Available Resources
   - Episode 5: Retrogression
   - Episode 6: The Minimum Core Obligation
   - Episode 7: The Right to Adequate Housing
   - Episode 8: The Right to Social Security
   - Episode 9: Work Rights
   - Episode 10: The Right to Education
   - Episode 11: Economic and Social Rights, Living Standards and Poverty
   - Episode 12: International Enforcement Processes

   Please do be in touch if we can provide any further information.
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