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As a number of us, who have been working for Health For All (and for
corporate accountability),  I am trying to figure out what else could be
done to prevent a major shift of WHO’s constitutional mandate and core
functions through its proposed General Work Programme. If you are
interested, see e.g. my contributions for the recent e-consultation:

Richter, J. (2017). "Comments on Draft Concept Note towards WHO's 13th
General Programme of Work." *Contribution to WHO's consultation for the
SSEB, Nov. 2017*, expanded version, 14 November;

Richter, J. in cooperation with Alessia Bigi (2017) Comment on WHO’s draft
13th General Programme of Work: IBFAN-GIFA Briefing paper, 28 November,
GIFA_2017_comment-on-dGPW13.pdf (this one should be on WHO’s website soon
under NSA contributions)

Feel free to distribute what I cooked up out of concern what is happening.
If you have any ideas what could be done that the SDGs are not understood
the way, the current dGWP is doing, and how to e.g. turn around the work
programme that  is based on a health and adequate nutrition as a human
rights agenda, let me know.

Next year is 40 years of the Declaration of  Alma-Ata… and the concept of
redistributive justice and solidarity have been going out of the window
considered “dangerous liaisons”.
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