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Dear friends and colleagues

As many of you know, today and tomorrow – Nov. 22-23, there takes place the
meeting of the WHO executive board, deliberating on the draft WHO 13th
Programme of Work – for 2019-2023.

All through tomorrow – Nov. 23, the WHO holds an open public consultation,
inviting comments and suggestions for the improvement of the program. The
draft program and the consultation can be found in the link below:

Everybody is welcome to write their suggestions for the improvement of the
WHO Work Program. Many improvements could be suggested, and many important
issues may have been omitted from this program.

Yet the omission of one particular issue appears to be absolutely
unacceptable. And that is the issue of aging health and health improvement
for the aged. It appears that beyond a cursory mention of the word “ageing”
the program contains no specific objectives, deliverables or actions to
improve the aged health! It is not in the program! We urge you to use the
time that is left for this consultation, today and tomorrow, to voice your
suggestions for the program improvement, and in particular for the
inclusion of specific measures to improve global aging health, in addition
to any other specific issues that you believe need to be emphasized. Thank
you for your action!

In the link below, you can find a joint position statement, entitled “Aging
health and R&D for healthy longevity must be included into the WHO Work
Program”, published in *Aging and Disease*. 9(1):1-3, 2018. Available on

The signatories include leaders of the International Society on Aging and
Disease (ISOAD), American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR),
International Federation on Ageing (IFA), International Association of
Gerontology and Geriatrics - IAGG (European Region and Asia-Oceania),
International Longevity Center - Australia, The Gerontological Society of
the Russian Academy of Sciences, African Society for Ageing Research and
Development (ASARD).

You may consider some of the points raised in that position statement, and
are welcome to reference this document in your advocacy efforts!

Thank you for your consideration

Ilia Stambler, PhD

Outreach coordinator. International Society on Aging and Disease (ISOAD)

Longevity for all


Ilia Stambler, PhD

Outreach Coordinator. International Society on Aging and Disease - ISOAD

Chair. Israeli Longevity Alliance / CSO. Vetek (Seniority) Association –
The Senior Citizens Movement (Israel) *

Coordinator. Longevity for All

Author. Longevity History. *A History of Life-Extensionism in the Twentieth
Century *; *Longevity Promotion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives *

Email: ilia.stambler at

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Rishon Lezion. Israel
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