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Be inspired by PHM initiatives across the world which took place within the
past few months! Express solidarity by signing the People's Charter for

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PHM Global NewsHealth for All NOW!

*PHM Brasil - Promoting social participation in the school.  *In the
context of the Civil Society Engagement for Health For All Research, the
PHM group in Porto Alegre is developing an action to strengthen social
participation in youth groups. This is in partnership with a range of
actors, especially the public school where the action is being developed,
but also the primary health care team that serves the area and the local
health council, formed by community representatives from the
neighborhood. *Read
more <>*

*PHM India - Conference on the Double Burden of Malnutrition**. *The Public
Health Resource Network (PHRN), PHM-Global, PHM India (Jan Swasthya Abhiyan
(JSA)), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the World
Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA) propose to organize a 3-day
international conference on ‘Critical Public Health Consequences of the
Double Burden of Malnutrition and the Changing Food Environment in South
and South East Asia’ at India International Centre, New Delhi on 28-30
March. The conference is designed to raise and debate important issues that
underlie the high levels of malnutrition in the world. *Read more*

*PHM Argentina - 27 Years on the Path to Popular Health*
In Misiones, Argentina, this year, two Provincial Meetings of Popular
Health were held called "Laicrimpitos", under the motto "Freeing  Seeds for
Living in Harmony". People participated from different parts of the
province and all were received with warm hugs as they meet together once
again. Each participant brought fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds for the
"Table of living food". Read more. <>

*PHM Argentina - Community theater group "LA MURGA DEL TOMATE".* Since
2002, this theater group from Eldorado, has presented on different stages
of the province of Misiones and other parts of Argentina.  Through songs,
dances, humor, denunciation and creativity, the group is raising awareness
about the different realities in our lives.
*Read more*

*PHM Ghana - Ghana Civil society position paper. *In May 2017, PHM Ghana,
Health Services Workers' Union of TUC and other civil society organisation
organised an extensive civil society consultation of the issues to be
discussed at the 70th World Health Assembly. On the 17th of May, PHM Ghana
met with the head of Ghana's delegation to WHA to present civil society's
position. *Read more <>*

*PHM Tanzania - Collaborating to help accelerate Universal Health Coverage
reforms in Tanzania  *- PHM Tanzania has been involved in several
mobilization activities focusing on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). In
August, they joined The Elders (Graca Machel and her fellow elders) to host
a public event focused on promoting UHC  - *R**ead more
<>* - and they held their second
civil society annual dialogue. *Read more

*PHM SA - Public Meeting - Has the National Health Insurance process been
captured? *Barely a week after gazetting the latest White Paper as a policy
document the National Department of Health abandoned its commitment to
principles of equity and human rights when it gazetted a set of seven
“institutions, bodies and commissions” to take the National Health
Insurance process forward with no apparent effort to inform key
stakeholders — even some who had made important submissions to the Green
and White Papers. This begs the question: Are we having to confront another
example of corporate state capture? *Read the article
- View the meeting on Youtube

*PHM Uganda - Engaging in the Public Health Insurance debate**. *Since
July, PHM Uganda has started to engage in the Public health insurance
debate running in the country. They have already identified some
Parliamentarian, CSOs and personalities supportive of the process. Some of
their planned activities include publishing articles in the media and also
participating in debates on TV and Radio soon. They also planning grass
root activism with communities to catalyse demand. Any information and
success stories from other countries are welcome to be able to share
information briefs on any existing best practices or failures in other
parts of the world.

*PHM Zimbabwe - Statement to applaud WHO stripping of Mugabe’s
ambassadorial role.*
On the 23rd of October, PHM Zimbabwe issued a statement to applaud WHO
stripping of Mugabe’s ambassadorial role as the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for
Non-Communicable diseases. This is in light of the current shambolic state
of public health delivery system in Zimbabwe. *Read more

*PHM Djibouti - Consultative Assemblies between the Minister of Health and
Civil Society**. *After long reflections and several interviews with the
technicians of the Ministry for the realization of the Consultative
Assemblies, the member organizations of the circle of PHM Djibouti in
partnership with the Minister of Health were able to organize assemblies on
access to quality care with the community *Read More

*PHM Guinea partakes in the National Network of Associations of Ebola
Survivors – RENASEG.*
>From 07 to 09 September 2017 PHM Guinea participated in the 3rd Conference
of the sub regional consortium on scientific research in Conakry, Guinea.

*PHM Buenos Aires  - VI Congress of the Association of General Medicine,
Province of Buenos Aires Argentina. *We participated as members of PHM
Buenos Aires in the Congress of the General Medicine Association (AMGBA),
which adheres to PHM.  More than 800 people, not only professionals but
also community health promoters , came together under the motto: "Right to
Health: Role of the State and Social Organizations ". *Read more

*PHM Patagonia - The Jarilla Network of Healthy Plants in the Patagonia of
Among the many activities of our network are the Seed Fairs. Rejecting  the
capitalist idea of selling everything, we promote reciprocity, contribute
to food sovereignty and the autonomy of peoples, while valuing native
seeds, and saying NO to Monsanto and Bayer. *Read more

*PHM Europe - G7 meets in Milan ... so does PHM!*
...The role of multinationals and governments was equally exposed, as well
as the biases of science when it does not take into account the political
and socioeconomic determination of health. In opposition to this form of
“neutral” science, several academics and researchers took the floor to
expose independent data and facts, for example on the market-based
distortion in the priorities for pharmaceutical research and development....*
Read more <>*

*PHM Europe - Health Through Peace **- *From 4 to 6 September, Medact and
the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)
brought together health professionals and peace activists to debate,
educate and advocate for social justice and demilitarisation. Across a
series of expert-led panels, workshops and academic sessions, discussions
took place on ways to achieve health through peace – exploring topics from
war and nuclear weapons, to the refugee crisis and climate change. *Read
more <>*

*PHM Bangladesh - International Day of Rural Women.*
During the seminar on the International Day of Rural Women, PHM bangladesh
asked for termination of gender discrimination in society, economy and in
politics. *Read more. <>*

*PHM Philippines and other social movements action on the state of the
nation!* On July 24 Philippine prsident Rodrigo Duterte delivered his
second State of the Nation Address. Outside the Philippine Congress, social
movements brought the People's State of the Nation Address. *Read more

*PHM part of the World Public Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA)*
Our Coco member Claudio Schuftan was elected external affairs officer of
the World Publlic Health Nutrition Association (WPHNA) and since January
has been active there in the new and dynamic executive committee. *Read
more <>**.*

*IBFAN - call to action to stand up to Global Monitoring Mechanism. *A few
years ago, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) turned its
attention towards infant and young child feeding, a badly underfunded and
neglected area of public health and nutrition. As traditional government
donors pay little attention to this crucial area, it may seem like good
news. However, when BMGF’s supported initiatives disregard basic principles
that ensure the independence, integrity and credibility of public health
policy making, those believing in primacy of human rights may need to sit
up and pay attention. IBFAN believes that the Global Monitoring Mechanism
(GMM), a new project supported by BMGF, calls for such attention and calls
for it now, before irreversible steps have been taken. *Read more

*PHM statement on the plight of the Rohingya community. *PHM Expresses deep
concern on the plight of hundreds of thousands of people of the Rohingya
community who have had to flee their homes in Myanmar. Faced with state
sponsored violence in Myanmar, over 500,000 refugees have taken shelter in
Bangladesh in the past month. *Read the full statement here.

PHM is a global network that brings together grassroots health activists,
civil society organizations and academic institutions and individuals from
around the world. Guided by the People's Charter for Health
PHM works on a variety of programmes and activities and is primarily
committed to Comprehensive Primary Health Care and to addressing the
social, economic and environmental determinants of health.

PHM is facing serious cutbacks in funding. We are thus welcoming
contributions/donations from individuals and organizations who believe in
our vision and philosophy to support and sustain our activities. Your
support will enable PHM to remain uncompromised and independent in the
stands it takes. Your donation will contribute to movement building, to the
development of resources for for its advocacy, to strengthening policy
dialogue at different levels, and to strengthen its ‘Health for All’
campaign as a platform for experience exchanges and concerted joint
action.  *Donate now to PHM <>*

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We welcome contributions/donations from individuals and organizations who
believe in our vision and philosophy to support and sustain the activities
of the People’s Health Movement. This enables us to remain uncompromising
and independent in the stands we take.

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