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*Sunday was Global Handwashing Day*

As a health professional, you know better than anyone how vital good
hygiene is to quality healthcare.

Shockingly, it is estimated that *35%* of healthcare facilities in low- and
middle-income countries *do not have soap and clean water for handwashing*.

That’s why health practitioners and advocates across the world are using
Global Handwashing Day to highlight the vital importance of handwashing.

*Take action now and call for change. *

Here are three things you can do today:

   1. Share this Factsheet
   <> with
   decision-makers in your country, and ask them to act urgently to improve
   provision of clean water, soap and toilets in all healthcare centres.
   2. Write to your elected representative and urge them to raise this
   issue with your government. You can use our simple template letter
   3. Join the conversation online today using the Hashtags
   *#GlobalHandwashingDay* and *#HealthyStart*.

*No pain relief, no running water: the perils of childbirth in Tanzania*

WaterAid recently took journalists from The Guardian to see the realities
of life as a midwife or a pregnant woman giving birth in a health centre
without clean running water.

Share the Photo Gallery online >

Share the article online >

Thank you for being part of a global movement. Together, we can achieve a
Healthy Start for all within a generation.

Dan Jones

Global Advocacy Coordinator


Sent on behalf of the Healthy Start Campaign

WaterAid - water charity

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