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*Described by many as a watershed moment, a decade has passed since a major
food price crisis shook the entire world. Back then, international prices
of all major food commodities reached their highest level in nearly 30
years, pushing the number of people living in hunger to one billion, and
compromising the fundamental human rights of many more. And although some
thought it to be an occasional conjuncture and the language of crisis was
on everyone’s lips, the truth is that the events of 2007/2008 simply
brought the cracks of an unsustainable, broken food system into view that
had been there for a long time.*

*With the world still trapped in a multifold crisis, this year’s Right to
Food and Nutrition Watch will take stock of the past decade and present
thought-provoking discussions and alternative solutions for finding our way

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*The global, industrial, economic bubble unsurprisingly burst already a
decade ago, and yet we are still witnessing and experiencing its effects in
our daily lives. The world food crisis was the inevitable outcome of a
model that prioritizes profit at the expense of everything else: our lives,
our rights and our nature.  This was actually building for years and a
billion people were not only pushed to hunger because of drastic food price
volatility, but also as a result of a multi-fold crisis that grew, squeezed
and affected our food systems, climate and human rights. *

*Progress has been made but some of the main problems that led to the
crisis still persist. What is the role of an economic model based on
commodifying the very basic elements of our existence in all this?*

*Find answers in this year’s RtFNWatch NOW OUT ***
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