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Look at the information about the following publication:

Birn, A.-E. J. Richter  (Forthcoming 2017). U.S. Philanthrocapitalism and
the Global Health Agenda: The Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, Past and
Present. *Health Care under the Knife:  tMoving Beyond Capitalism for Our
Health*. eds. Howard Waitzkin and the Working Group for Health Beyond
Capitalism, Monthly Review Press

Posted in May on

, also posted 6 June 2017 by Oslo Academy of Global Governance

There is now also a French short version and a French translation of the
longer version

“Le philanthrocapitalisme étasunien et les ploutocrates de la santé
mondiale” Le Courrier (Genève), 19 Septembre 2017.

“Philanthrocapitalisme et santé mondiale: les fondations Rockefeller et
Gates autrefois et actuellement, » Mediapart, 4 Octobre 2017:

Without a subscription it can be accessed here:

 We hope this chapter helps better explain why the impact of venture
philanthropy funding cannot only measured in terms of vaccines distributed,
but must be seen also with respect to its effects on systems and overall
health and nutrition agendas.
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