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*Briefing Note on PHM Tanzania participation in the WHA70 meeting held from
14 – 31 May 2017.*

PHM Tanzania was part of WHO Watch team in this year’s 70th World Health
Assembly (WHA70) of the World Health Organization. A total number of 13
watchers representing PHM Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Latin Africa
met from 14 – 21st May 2017 to orient themselves in regards to the WHA70
event including provided analysis of the agenda items that would be
discussed and agreed in the Assembly.

Key issues raised in the preparatory sessions included the following:

1. Commentary was available from the PHM Secretariat which facilitated the
watcher team to provide analysis of the agenda in a timely manner. This
year’s agenda was clustered into the following items: *Human Resource for
Health; Issues in the Agenda of WHA70 related to Access to Medicines;
Nutrition, childhood Obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases and Framework
for Engagement with Non-State Actors (FENSA).*

2. Data was very accessible for utilization in the preparation of policy
briefs as well as statements. Policy briefs and Statements were prepared
and used as advocacy tools to many of the WHA70 delegates and the WHO
Secretariat at large.

3. A total number of 9 policy briefs were prepared by PHM Watchers and was
shared to majority of WHA70 delegates. WHA70 watcher team made 32
recommendations to the WHO secretariat, members states and CSOs.

4. The Watchers made an inventory of delegates as part of strengthening
allies in promoting Health for All.

5. Policy Briefs were used as reference documents for Member States'
positions based on Agenda items. Taking an example from a personal follow
up I made from Tanzanian delegates who mentioned the usefulness of our
Policy briefs that I disseminated to them.

6. PHM members’ engagement in the WHA70 provided a platform for policy
feedback to the high level political leaders in regards to Health For All

7. The WHA70 watchers also contributed to editorial tasks of the WHA70
Today Publication as an informal update produced by a team of civil society
organizations watching and critically commenting the World Health Assembly
(WHA70), with a focus on civil society analysis and input to the WHA70. The
update was available through email and through
social media. This provided platform for coalition building among CSOs in
Health for All.

8. WHA watcher team also participated in the CSOs forum (Geneva Global
Health Hub) ahead of the 70th WHA. The watchers were introduced to the CSOs
representatives and
had opportunity to present overview of their work in this event.

9. WHA watcher team also participated in the session on WHO Watch
Governance (evaluation meting) where the meeting aimed at laying ground for
more concrete
strategizing and joint action in view of the 70th WHA and beyond, including
defining structures and tools for continued collaborations and operations.

10. The WHA70 watcher team observed that it has been very effective to
engage PHM Country Circle members in this kind of assignment than people
who are outside PHM

11. It was a great opportunity for Tanzania to be part of the WHA70
Watchers and this has made the PHM Tanzania representative to get better
understanding on the work of WHO as well as he networked with several PHM
representatives across continents. This has enhanced coalition building
among key stakeholders who share similar PHM vision andmission to promote
right to health, food and nutrition.

*Prepared by:Godfrey Philimon Kamugisha,Country Coordinator,PHM
Tanzania.**phmtanzania at
<phmtanzania at>*
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